What you should know before getting a dog.

A dog is man’s best friends, and they both co-exist very well. Many people across the world adopt or buy dogs for security or companionship. The idea of adding a dog as a member of your family can be exciting. However, it comes with a lot of demands to meet, failure to which owning a dog may end becoming a nightmare. The following are some of the key things that you should consider before bringing a dog to your home.


There are many dog breeds to get, and each breed adapts well to specific conditions and lifestyles. Before getting a dog, research widely on breeds and identify the one that will particularly suit your lifestyle. Some dog breeds adapt well to living in apartments while others may need a free environment. Others are home friendly while others are wild and difficult to tame.


Consider if you want to get a puppy, a geriatric canine or an adult dog. Some people prefer getting puppies so that they can bond with them from their young age. This is believed to give the dog some sense of belonging as well. However, people have different preferences, and this applies here as well. If you do not want to spend much time taming your dog, you can but an already tamed adult dog.

Space available

It is very important to choose a dog breed that can be contained in the space available at your home or yard. Some dogs require more space than others. If you intend to keep a Border Collie, you would need plenty of space. Small breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier can easily be kept in a home with limited space.


A dog is as demanding as a child regarding time. This means that you have to consider how much time you have to spend with the dog daily. People with very tight work schedules may not have enough time to feed the dog and take it outside to walk and play.

Dog lifestyle

As you think of acquiring a dog, think about this. Some dogs require plenty of exercises and being outdoors. Others are just calm and spend most of their time on the couch. Some dogs will do better in cold places and vice versa. Ensure that you match your choice with a lifestyle that the dog will freely get in your home.

Children and other pets

Some dogs do not coexist well with children and other pets around the home. Though this mostly depends on the dog personality, adult dogs are believed to be more easily manageable with this. If you are getting a dog from a shelter or rescue center, ask them for a dog that has a good personality to avoid unnecessary accidents in your home.

Maintenance and medical expenses

Just like human beings, dogs need to eat well. The type of food keeps changing with the age and weight of the dog. There are some dog feed brands that manufacture food for specific breeds. Long hair dogs may need frequent grooming, but this can be done at home. Having a medical fund to cater for your dog’s medication is good. Dogs need regular medical checkups. Get a dog that you can maintain and foot its medical expenses without struggling.

Required training

For any dog to live well in a home, it needs training. This is for the safety of the home wonder and the dog. Puppies are easy to train as they grow and they adapt faster than adult dogs.

Holidays and travel

If your life entails a lot of traveling and holidays, it is good to consider what will happen to your dog while you are away. Some people opt to go on holidays with their dogs. On the other hand, paying for pet-sitting service to have their dogs well taken care of in their absence.

Personal preparedness

Keeping a dog requires personal commitment. It needs responsibility, patience, and a cool temperament to put up with an animal. A dog can mess up in public places, and you will be required to take responsibility. Keeping one then needs one to be ready to handle it in the best way possible.

Permission from authorities

Some landlords may not be open to having pets on their premises. It is good to have the necessary permissions to avoid fines.

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10 Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

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