What Should I Get My Girlfriend for Christmas?

A Christmas gift is a great opportunity to show the woman in your life that you really care about her. It is a time to make her realise how grateful you are to have her and you can do that by giving her a really thoughtful gift that makes her realise that you’ve really listened to her wants and needs (at least the material ones). Follow the tips below to help you find the most fantastic present for the love of your life.


Get creative with the wrapping:

This may sound simple, but before you just wrap her present in any old Christmas themed wrapping paper, remember that the wrapping is actually part of the gift, the anticipation of the unwrapping is the second part. It is best to think of the wrapping and unwrapping as part of the experience, here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect wrapping:

  • Choose her favourite colour or colour scheme in which to wrap her gift
  • Hide her present and send her on a scavenger hunt to find it (make all of the clues rhyme for extra effect)
  • Give her the end of a piece of string and tell her to follow the string until she finds her gift at the other end (make the string extra long, for added fun)
  • If the gift is something small, such as a jewellery box, then hide it in a balloon and fasten a pin to her card so that she has to pop the balloon to get to her gift

Give her an experience that she won’t forget:

When asked about the most memorable gifts that they have received, people tend to remember the gifts that were experiences, such as a ticket to a concert, or a picnic in the park with all of her favourite foods, over more material gifts. You can still buy her a small gift, but make sure it is a souvenir of the event.

  • Take her to the theatre
  • Take her to the movies to see her favourite film and hide a small present in her popcorn
  • Buy her tickets to the ballet or a music concert
  • Take her to the beach and surprise her with the first of a series of surfing lessons

Start making lists way before Christmas:

Keep a note on your phone and add to it every time she mentions something she likes or is interested in, it can be anything from her favourite chocolate to her favourite book. If you make a note way in advance of Christmas that means that you can go shopping way before everything gets overpriced.

She already owns her favourite book? Then buy her another book by the same author that she hasn’t read yet, or take her to a book signing by that author when they come to town, this might happen months before Christmas, but it could turn out to be her birthday or anniversary present.

Has she always wanted to do ballet? Pay for her to do some adult ballet classes. If you don’t know them already, make a list of the following:

  • Her favourite colour
  • Her favourite foods and sweets
  • Her favourite music
  • Things that she would love to do, but can’t afford to, or hasn’t got around to yet

Make it all about you:

There is no need to get stuck when you’re trying to find the perfect present to give your girlfriend for Christmas. If she loves you, then she will love it if you give her something personal from yourself. So, make her something:

  • Write her a poem or a song and include references/jokes to things only the two of you know
  • Get crafty and make her something, how about giving her a photo of the two of you and painting the frame?

Ask others for their advice:

When in doubt, ask others for their advice, such as her best friend or her parents, they might know something that you don’t. Otherwise, search around for clues:

  • A lot of people have wishlists on Amazon, that could give you some great clues
  • Check out what she has pinned on her Pinterest account, there could be more clues there, or you could get a better idea of her sense of style

When in doubt, look to the past:

When asking yourself “What should I get my girlfriend for Christmas?” Ask yourself, is she sentimental? If so, she will probably value gifts that are directly linked to her past:

  • Buy her something she might have thrown away and regrets, or outgrew at the time, like a favourite sweater
  • With the help of her parents, get her favourite teddy bear from childhood out of the attic, or storage and get it laundered and replace its old tatty bow with a brand new one
  • Make her a collage of pictures of the two of you when you were kids
  • Frame their diploma or degree from their studies

Give her a gag gift:

Now, to be fair, most women appreciate a gag gift for Christmas as long as it is accompanied by a thoughtful gift as well. But if she has a sense of humour she might appreciate a gift that will make her laugh, especially if it involves a private joke that the two of you share. Just be aware that she’ll have to explain the joke to everyone who asks what you got her for Christmas.

Donate to charity:

This is another great gift if it is given in conjunction with a thoughtful gift as well, as much as she would appreciate you donating money to her favourite charity in her name, it is also nice to open something on Christmas morning.

  • Find out what her favourite charity is and donate to them
  • Not sure who her favourite charity is? Donate to a cause she believes in
  • Find a cause they’re passionate about and donate to that cause
  • Does she volunteer anywhere? This one is a no-brainer, donate to the charity she volunteers for, she definitely believes in them

So, put some thought into your girlfriend’s Christmas gift and she’ll remember you and your gift always. Be sure to pair it with a beautiful Christmas card and inscribe a meaningful message.

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