Most Essential Commands in Dog Training.

You need a dog that is easy to be with and that is under your control at all times. Command training lesson is where you need to start. Yes, dogs are regarded as man’s best friend but they need the command training to adapt to humans.

  • Dogs don’t know how to behave properly in human society. It’s obvious they need to be taught.
  • The most basic thing a dog needs to learn is obedience and respect that is instilled by the dog owner. If the commands are applied properly it can be enjoyable to you and your dog.
  • When you are training your dog this command is the same as communicating with your dog.
  • Dogs play with our children, ride in our cars, sleep in our furniture and at times on our beds. Thus we need to make sure as they do this they know what we expect of them.

This commands should be short, clear, and defined to avoid words that appear the same which might end up confusing the dog. The dog should be able to understand what you tell him/her clearly. You don’t need a confused dog!

Some dogs are easier to train commands than others but all dogs can be taught to obey what you tell them.

Let’s venture into this commands one by one. This article will equip you fully and ensure you know what to do when it comes to commands training.

Teach your dog the ‘look’ command

An important part of command training is making sure your dog’s attention is on you. Teaching him how to watch you will help him/her not to be distracted during the training. Watching you makes him understand the command quickly.

  • This must be the most important command.

Teach the ‘Heel’ command

  • Heel command ensures your dog can keep up with you. He/she doesn’t walk behind or ahead of you. You walk hand in hand with your dog. It helps your dog to behave since he is right next to you.
  • You don’t have to hold his leash if she/he learns this command. This shows you do not have fear of losing control of him.

Teach the ‘come’ command

Put your dog’s leash at a distance and then call the dog towards you. Once the dog comes to you treat him to ensure he doesn’t forget. In fact, by rewarding him, the next time you call him he will come running towards you expecting to be rewarded.

  • This is very important when your dog is in trouble with other dogs or chasing someone/something in the streets.

Teach the ‘sit’ command

Try holding a treat close to the dog’s nose, then move it up. Since the dog can’t reach for the treat in a standing position, as it stretches its neck up command him/her to sit. If he obeys and sits reward him.

  • Try feeding your dog this way twice or thrice a day. Eventually, you will be commanding it to sit and the command will come out naturally.
  • You can release your dog with an okay.

Teach the ‘down’ command

This command can be challenging since you’re putting the dog in a passive state. Get a treat near your dog’s nose and then move your hand to the floor.

  • Then, you move your hand along the floor, this will teach him/her to follow the treat in a laid position. Once the dog is laid you can give the command down and if he obeys reward him.
  • This command instills calmness in your dog

Teach the ‘stay’ command

Tell your dog to sit first then show him the treat. Command your dog to stay while you move some distance away from him. Your dog should remain in this position until you release him. If he obeys treat him.


You cannot exhaust all the commands that you can teach your dog. Some commands are just for fun, like ‘roll over,’ get ‘back,’ and ‘fetch’. While others you can teach him practically, such as going to bed.

  • Teaching your dog this commands ensures a well-behaved dog.
  • Always incorporate play time to avoid your dog getting bored. Command training can be done anywhere and anytime. Train these commands as many times as you can.
  • Let teaching commands be fun. Create a bonding time with your new best friend.

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