Essential Facts To Know Prior To Adopting An English

You might be one of those individuals who prefer to adopt a pet English bulldog and, in that case, you need to bear in mind several aspects regarding the animal. A Bulldog was linked to bloody sports in the past; however, its nature is far from being hostile and ferocious. In fact, it is amongst the top 5 most preferred pets in the USA and, interestingly, it likes to spend a significant amount of time with human beings. You will not have any issue introducing a Bulldog to your loved ones which will include even the children. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned everything you need to Know before getting an English bulldog.

1. Bulldogs are allergic to food

Since Bulldogs are allergic to food items, you might be required to purchase some expensive foodstuff for them on most occasions. Consider opting for the best dog food English bulldogs due to the fact that the regular grocery store dog foods are not suitable for them. They must get proper nutrition from the foods they ingest while any inappropriate food item can cause allergic symptoms. Make it a point to go through the food labels while purchasing food for your bulldog to steer clear of the wrong ingredients.

Some common food allergy symptoms in Bulldogs might include gas, persistent diarrhea, and inflammation of the ear, itchy skin plus licking of the paws. Since the dog’s health will depend significantly on the food that you feed him, it is imperative to provide him with a special diet. Amongst the popular English bulldog food items mention may be made of Canidae All Life Stages Formula, Fromm Four Star Grain-Free Surf & Turf and Artemis Fresh Mix for Adult Dogs which will provide him with all the necessary nutrients.

2. They are energetic

English bulldogs, just like the other dog species, are quite energetic. However, the puppies become quite calm in their attitude once they grow up. Sometimes these dogs are in the habit of sleeping while, on other occasions, they love playing around.

3. They tend to snore loudly

An English bulldog snores quite loudly while sleeping. Their respiratory systems do not allow them to breathe properly due to their compact body size which leads to snoring and snorting. Consequently, think twice before getting an English bulldog since their snoring might prevent you from sleeping peacefully at night.

4. Tail Pockets

These English bulldogs can have something known as a tail pocket which looks like a “pocket” above the bum and below their tail. There is a chance for these pockets to accumulate dirt and become infected. Although you might not be aware of your pet’s condition initially, it will soon become apparent to you when the dog starts showing clear indications of agony and discomfort which might include filthy odor and scooting. A bulldog can be affected by this condition at any stage of his life. Therefore, it will be prudent to check your dog on a regular basis since an early detection will help to avoid this problem. In case you find the absence of any tail pocket at the base of your pet, then everything is okay. However, if you do find a shallow tail pocket it should be cleaned regularly.

5. Cherry Eye

On some occasions, there is a chance for the English bulldogs to get affected with cherry eye. This is a condition which happens because of congenital weakness in the gland attached to the eye. This gland can pop out in the form of a pink or red lump at the eye’s corner and can prove to be quite agonizing for your pet. Always consider visiting the vet once your pet becomes afflicted with this type of condition. The vet will use some eye drops as well as a warm compress for minimizing the swelling and following this, he will massage the area comprehensively for alleviating any discomfort. Proper treatment is essential for this type of condition which might become aggravated if left unattended. If everything fails, the vet may consider performing surgery for removing the gland permanently.

The English bulldogs can become exhausted quite easily after performing some simple activities which might include strolling around or even consuming food. Make it a point to provide them with a comfortable bed where they can enjoy a nice nap peacefully.

7. Temperament

An English bulldog likes to stay with his owner looking for affection as well as attention. Moreover, they hate losing their abode and, in that case, they would demand even more attention and love. As a result, it is almost impossible to shower too much attention to any English bulldog.

8. Living conditions

The English bulldogs do not need many workouts and can easily stay in apartments particularly if it is an air-conditioned one. He is not able to inhale much air mainly because of his facial structure. Therefore, it would be a bad idea to get an English bulldog in case you are residing in a hot country. On top of this, you must groom and inspect the skin of your pet on a regular basis apart from cleaning the wrinkles. While strolling along with your pooch, try to implement a harness rather than a collar since you would not like to damage his windpipe in the process.

9. Health

Finally, we like to mention some information regarding the health of an English bulldog. Always arrange for an experienced vet prior to adopting the pooch since your pet might suffer from health issues either sooner or later. Keep in mind that your canine is vulnerable to skin ailments, eye problems, respiratory conditions plus hip dysplasia. An English bulldog can live up to 10 years in case he’s properly looked after.

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